•   Absolutely the BEST cookies you'll have; Every bite is delicious!!! The oatmeal raisin & double chocolate chip cookies are my favorite! & Daddy's Dough cookies are freshly made, with quality ingredients!

    thumb JaQueshia Allen

      Very pleased with the process from start to finish. Literally, from your marketing and the sale you ran roped me in. The ordering process was a breeze. My order came within 2 days! I tried Snickerdooble 1st ...I found myself up at 3am wanting another one. And then sneaking them when kids at work weren't looking. I can't get enough, the product is delicious!!! One thing I wish, was that the delivery came with a couple business cards to pass around and give to friends who will try it.

    thumb Christy Olivia Webb

      If it were possible to add a sixth star, I would. These cookies are beyond ridiculous and worth every penny.

    thumb Eric Stevens

      The Wright family got it right! (See what I did there? 😂) No, but really. These cookies are really good.

    thumb Myles Monté
  •   MarcQus Wright of Daddy's Dough delivers on a promise of high quality ingredients, unique varieties, consistency of product. Each cookie will have you screaming for more...from the initial bite to the linger buttery taste these cookies are NOT to be PLAYED with.

    thumb George Davis III

      The best cookies in the world!!!!!! No seriously!!

    thumb Jasmin Amanda

      Literally the best cookie ever!!! Wished I never found...there goes healthy eating..4 cookies down..ooops

    thumb Bliss Russell

      Coming from someone with a sweet tooth, these cookies are not only delicious, but you can tell they were made with love. I've purchased their cookies for an event and for persona consumption. I especially love the oatmeal crème um good. Keep up the great work Daddy's Dough. <3

    thumb Ange Nelson


  Bought the cranberry oatmeal cookies from a booth at the shoppers expo last weekend. By far the best cookies I ever had. Love love.

thumb Micky Stauffer

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