•   Daddy's Dough cookies are decadent and delicious!!

    thumb Tawanna Wright

      Excellent experience, from ordering all the way to consuming. We had 2 dozen cookies shipped to us (Gluten Free, Carrot Cake and Oatmeal Cranberry). Cookies were on point! If having the cookies shipped was the only thing holding you back from ordering, I encourage you to go ahead and place that order. Definitely worth it.

    thumb Ken W Horne Jr

      Have ordered from them twice now and always get the order prompt and still fresh! Try the oatmeal pies y'all! Seriously they are bomb!

    thumb Marykatherine Woodson

      Every. Single. Bite exceeds expectations! Delicious cookies and great varieties!

    thumb Jakia Marie
  •   Can't get enough of theses cookies! Their cookies are delicious. I love the Oatmeal and Chocolate chip. Just try them and you will see.

    thumb Tj Pitmon

      The owners are awesome. The cookies � are fire �. You will go though more than half of the dozen before you even know it. Awesome business, bomb customer service. I recommend them to everyone

    thumb Kendra Cason

      Simply delicious. Not your average cookie, by any means. The oatmeal cream pie is magical. Try it, you won't regret it.

    thumb Matt Collver

      Just received a box at my door! Don't tell but Rachel and I already ate one. Amazing!! I may have just started a very bad cookie habit, so many flavors left to try.

    thumb Sarah Borkowski Whitmore


  Couldn't resist and bought several cookies at the farmers market today and I can't stop eating them!! Not even telling my family about them because I don't want to share � The best cookies I've ever paid for!!

thumb Angie Smith

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