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Email Template #1

Subject: Sharing the Love: Daddy’s Dough Cookies!

Hey [Friend’s Name],

I hope this message finds you well! I wanted to share something sweet and special with you – Daddy’s Dough Cookies.

Daddy’s Dough Cookies is a family-owned business that specializes in crafting the most delicious homemade cookies you’ve ever tasted. From classic chocolate chip to peanut butter chocolate, their cookies are made with love and care, using only the best ingredients.

Daddy’s Dough Cookies is state licensed through MDARD (Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development). What’s even more amazing is that Daddy’s Dough Cookies is certified as a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and participates in the U.S. Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Business Development Program. This means they’re not just about making great cookies; they’re also committed to diversity, excellence, and community empowerment.

I’ve personally tried their cookies, and let me tell you, they’re the best! Each bite is a little piece of heaven. Whether you’re treating yourself or looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, Daddy’s Dough Cookies is sure to delight.

So why am I telling you all this? Because I believe in supporting small businesses, especially those that are doing amazing things like Daddy’s Dough Cookies. And I thought you might appreciate knowing about them too!

If you’re craving something sweet or looking for a unique gift idea, I highly recommend checking out Daddy’s Dough Cookies. You won’t be disappointed!

You can find them online at or follow them on social media @daddysdough for mouthwatering updates and special offers.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and I hope you enjoy Daddy’s Dough Cookies as much as I do!

Sweet regards,

[Your Name]

Email Template 2


I hope you’re doing well. As a person that loves supporting local, small, family-owned businesses, I wanted to share one of my favorites, Daddy’s Dough Cookies. Knowing your appreciation for quality, homemade treats, I believe you’d really enjoy what they have to offer. I have known the owners for years and trust them completely.

The family creates delicious cookie products that are perfect for meetings, events, and gifts. They are also able to meet allergen needs, if needed. They are very easy to work with and this is a great way for us to continue to support local while enjoying amazing treats.

If you’re interested in trying them out for yourself or perhaps as a thoughtful gesture for someone else, you can check out their selection at

Take care,

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Hey friends! Have you tried Daddy’s Dough Cookies yet? They’re a local family-owned business serving up the most irresistible homemade cookies in town. From classic chocolate chip to indulgent peanut butter crunch, they’ve got flavors to satisfy every craving! Check out their mouthwatering selection at and treat yourself to some sweet happiness today!


Craving something sweet? Look no further than Daddy’s Dough Cookies! Handcrafted with love and baked to perfection, their cookies are sure to delight your taste buds. From soft and chewy to crispy and crunchy, there’s a flavor for everyone. Tag a friend who needs a cookie fix and visit to order yours now!


Calling all cookie lovers! Get ready to indulge in the deliciousness of Daddy’s Dough Cookies. From classic favorites to innovative flavors, there’s something for every palate. Treat yourself today! #DaddysDoughCookies #HomemadeGoodness #SweetTreats


Post: Elevate your snacking game with Daddy’s Dough Cookies! Handmade with care and bursting with flavor, these cookies are the perfect treat for any occasion. Whether you’re enjoying a cozy night in or hosting a gathering with friends, Daddy’s Dough Cookies are sure to be a hit. Explore their scrumptious selection at and experience homemade goodness like never before! #DaddysDoughCookies #HandmadeTreats #DeliciousFlavors

Feel free to adjust these templates to fit your needs. Thank you so much for supporting Daddy’s Dough Cookies.