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Cookies As Gifts

We’ve been asked to provide cookies as gifts by many cookie lovers over the last several years. We’ve arranged baskets, created custom cookies, designed special, custom labels, and crafted cookie treats and cookie tables for weddings. These gifts were prepared to make loved ones, guests and clients feel special. And whether you bake at home or order through a company you can do it too!

An assorted cookie table is a rising favorite among brides, graduates, businesses and anyone wanting to impress their guests. Cookies are also versatile because they cross all age groups and cultures.

Holidays or Special Occasions
(Christmas, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, etc.)
Sometimes it can be difficult to surprise your loved ones. A beautifully written note accompanying handcrafted cookies is a nice touch. Intentionally moving away from the norm can be a very good thing.

Personalized Favors
Personalize your cookies with unique labeling. Your guests and clients will walk away impressed with your personal attention to detail. They will also appreciate a delicious, fresh baked cookie to remember.

It is the moments where we make the extra effort to do things a little differently that create the greatest opportunities to leave lasting impressions.

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